Cabinet SMA



Our fees are calculated in accordance with the lawyers’ profession deontological principals.
The fees are established in accordance with the client, depending on the case complexity and time required, by reference to one of the three following methods of fee calculation:

  • A fee calculated on a time spent basis, with a rate in accordance with the level of experience of the the involved lawyers : this type of fee is proposed when it is difficult to assess the time required for the assignment execution.
  • A fixed fee agreed with the client for a specific assignment, to which a success fee may be added, corresponding to a percentage on the amounts definitively obtained at the end of the legal proceedings or upon signature of a settlement agreement, provided it is arranged by contract.
  • A subscription giving right to regular services, allowing the company to anticipate lawyer’s usage costs and reduce invoice management.

Lawyers’ fees are subject to VAT.
The costs and disbursements incurred on behalf of the client are re-invoiced Euro for Euro upon presentation of expenditure receipt.
The first meeting is free if the file is subsequently attributed to the Law Firm.